Your home away from home!



"The look and feel of a traditional Machiya"

but with all the modern comfort!

We currently offer four different houses for your vacation rentals in Kyoto. All of them are located in the Higashiyama District, some of them minutes walk from the traditional Gion area. All of these houses are perfect as a base for your visit and enjoyment of the city of Kyoto, the old capital. They are all located very near convenient bus stops for direct access to numerous tourist sites, and in some cases next to a train station. All are in a quiet residential neighborhood where you'll easily walk to local shops and supermarkets, or eat at local restaurants.

All these houses are designed and conceived to be "Your home away from home". You rent the whole house, not just a room, and are free to come and go as you please. All these houses have recently been entirely renovated (or rebuilt in some cases), respecting the look and feel of the "Kyomachiya", Kyoto's traditional wooden townhouses. But these houses have all been featured with proper insulation and a mixture of traditional and modern materials. We added floor heaters and radiators for the cold winter months, and air conditioning in every room for the hot summer months. You'll find a fully equipped kitchen, table with chairs, seating areas, western bedrooms with comfortable beds, but also traditional Japanese tatami mat rooms with futons, wooden bathrooms with bathtubs and/or showers, and low tables with cushions. All these houses are decorated with old and traditional items such as Samurai armor, beautiful wedding kimono, Nôh masks, paintings, old folding screens, ancient calligraphy panels, traditional dolls, and much more for a more refined atmosphere.

Come and experience the traditional living style of the people of Kyoto, in a modern and luxurious manner!

For the convenience of travelers, all our houses are equipped with All-In-One Automatic washer/dryer, unlimited high-speed internet access (optical fiber), large-screen flat HDTV with unlimited local TV and Netflix movies and series (except for Gojo Machiya), and more.

For smaller groups and family travelers, we suggest Gojo Machiya (6 pax). For larger groups of up to nine persons, have a look at Gojozaka Machiya or Tofukuji Machiya. And for very large groups of up to 15 persons (but recommended for up to 12 adults), our largest and most luxurious house, Miyagawacho Machiya will be perfect.   

Gather with your family and friends in the living space or dining room after a full day of visit and share your stories around a drink or a full meal prepared at home or delivered from a restaurant. 

All our houses are fully licensed as "Kyoto Vacation Rental". Our "limited concierge" service with bilingual staff is just a phone call away (we provide our guests with a local cellphone) and will facilitate your visit and experience of Kyoto, alleviating all your communication and language concerns for restaurant reservations, visit information, or simply reserving a cab. 

Check out our houses or contact us for more information. 

    Family space in your home away from home!